The company to implement the "building materials industry" 12th Five-Year "development planning", "building materials industry" 12th Five-Year "development guidance" and "building materials industry" 12th Five-Year "science and technology development plan", through the technological innovation driven development of the main industry of glass building materials, especially the development of Chinese Building Materials Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) to promote the work plan. This scheme is made of cement, glass, ceramics, glass fiber, fiber reinforced composite materials industry scientific and technological innovation, energy-saving building materials such as the focus, objectives, methods and techniques supporting conditions and measures of technology innovation, guide industry enterprises to carry out technological innovation, strive for "12th Five-Year" during the National Science and technology projects to support and through scientific and technological innovation to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading and transformation of development mode in the popularization and application of energy-saving emission reduction and green manufacturing technology, the Federation to guide enterprises to actively fulfill their social responsibilities, recommendation, evaluation, selection and application of advanced science and technology innovation, in close cooperation with the government and the relevant departments of backbone enterprises, the implementation of the "12th Five-Year" planning major engineering project, establish technology demonstration project and industrialization base, leading the industry into Step. Accelerate the transformation of building materials to the great powers of building materials.